10 Mile Diet

About Vicki Robin and the 10-Mile Diet

In July 2010, when Tricia Beckner asked me to only eat for a month  what she can produce on her CSA farm-ette, just to see what happens, I was game for an adventure in hyper-local eating. This blog documents the day by day joys, tribulations and discoveries of that experiment.  At the end of the month I turned the blog into a book proposal and now, two years later, it’s become a book called Blessing the Hands that Feed Us (Viking/Penguin 2013/4).

Blessing The Hands that Feed Us is…

o A funny, informative, inspiring story about my effort to eat within 10 miles of my home in September 2010
o A brief education on relocalization, transition, and the global crises
o An introduction to “relational eating” – eating in the context of community (which is the way it is, we just forgot)
o A personal story of hope lost and found in my life as an activist
o A call to participate in re-regionalization of our food systems
o A spiritual story of redemption through community, of finding a true home
o Profiles of farmers and a community becoming stronger through food and feeding one another
o A topography of Whidbey’s local food territory that others can use in their lives and communities
o My next book after Your Money or Your Life – part of a series on finding sane ways to live in a crazy world – and by doing so, nudging that world back to health and wholeness.

A Facebook Page, http://www.facebook.com/BlessingTheHandsThatFeedUs, will keep filling as my research, speaking and writing evolve.

Stay tuned. I feel so blessed by this opportunity to eat good food, belong in and to a great community, and bring my gifts of observation and articulation to this great food movement.

October, 2012


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